L I L I A    &    A N T W A N   


We are thrilled to begin our future together, and hope you will join us in celebrating. On this site you will find a place to RSVP, event details, registry information and more. To read our story... scroll down below! 

O U R   S T O R Y 

 -Antwan Dunnum-

It all started June 12, 2019. During this time in my life, I was ready to date again. I would talk to my best friend, David Evans, about me dating.  That is when he began to talk to me about Godly women and how it’s best to keep God in the midst of any relationship. That is how my fiancé Lilia Waters was mentioned. That night (June 12th) David said that Lilia would be at the gym. David also said that she would turn me down if I didn’t approach her the right way. So, I knew, if God wasn’t in it, our chemistry would not happen. All I could do was approach her the best I could and have God involved. At the gym that night, I saw Lilia on the treadmill and I politely approached her and introduced myself. After my introduction, I walked to go back to my workout routine. However, I was contemplating on going back to that treadmill and continue conversation. So, knowing me, I went back to her and from that moment, it was an instant connection. Ever since that day, we have been dating and October 16, 2021 God will spiritually connect us.


-Lilia Waters-

All my life I have prayed for a man after God’s own heart. I believe God always had a man ordained for me so I stood by His word. The first time I met Antwan, I knew something was special about him. That night at the gym, I was tired and wasn’t planning on going, but God had other plans. The way Antwan approached me was different from any other guy. He was polite, nice and easy to talk to. His chivalry was more than anything I could ask for. I’m glad I gave him my number that night. I can truly say Mr. Dunnum is the man of my prayers. These past 2 years of dating Antwan has shown me what waiting on God looks like.