JUNE 19TH 2020

Our Story

The start of Franklin and April,  right place wrong person. 


They met in high school, different schools, but highschool nonetheless. Franklin, better known as “Spank Dizzle,” was a basketball player in his junior year at Wayne County High.  April was a freshmen at Ware. Wayne and Ware are known rivals, but that didn’t keep Wayne’s basketball team from sitting on Ware’s side of the bleachers. During one quarter of the girl’s game Franklin, saw April and eagerly “shot his shot.” Guess he scored because after their brief introduction a connection was made and they exchanged numbers. Sadly, what started out so good, quickly went sour once Franklin called April’s phone and asked for a girl named Ashley. April politely told him that no one by that name lived there, the call ended, and they did not speak anymore until they randomly saw one another in the Waycross Walmart months later. —During that brief encounter, Franklin told his friend that April was the girl that gave him the wrong number. It wasn’t until that upcoming football season that Franklin and April officially reunited. The Gators and Jackets were at it again, but this time on the field. Franklin was not a football player, so he was on the prowl. At half-time April and a few friends went down to the concession area. April was wearing a black top with pink flowers and pink dress pants. Her lip gloss was popping and she felt cute. While waiting and conversing amongst other friends April looked up and saw a young man coming into the Ware County entrance gate. The long green “tall tee-shirt” , custom -made lucky charm jean shorts, and glittery NIKE Dunks, caught April’s eye. Not completely seeing his face she thought, “oh he is cute.”  April was appalled when he looked up. She told her friends she knew him. As he walked pass her she said, “Excuse me do you remember me?” Franklin replied, “Yea, you’re the girl that gave me the wrong number. “  


The Love Story began


In high school, Franklin would do whatever it took to make money so he could hang out in Waycross. He mowed grass, moved furniture for others, cut hair, gambled dollars, ran cable, and painted houses. Eventually, he convinced all his homeboys to pursue at least one girl in Waycross for a backup plan in case his mom didn’t let him use the car. Overtime those flings died out, but Franklin and April’s love never wavered. All thanks to God! Considering  a two-year age difference, living in and attending two different high schools in different cities, and later different colleges they survived. The distance never effected their relationship. What started out as weeks turned into months, and months into years. Even so, that when April went off to college she met a group of girls that dated guys attending Franklin’s college. Traveling the distance to love, they stayed on the highway. Once life happened and they all separated, somehow Franklin and his new college friend convinced his friend’s now wife and one of April’s  Matrons of Honor, to transfer from Fort Valley State to Georgia Southern to become April’s roommate so they could all remain together. It worked! 



Key to their success


Together both have endured challenges beyond words, but God has always been in the center. Prayer, communication, and maintaining a friendship outside of their relationship are the key factors that allowed the lovebirds to discover the compatibility of their love language. While attending college, Marriage was like a foreign word for them. A few discussions arose, but no pressure. April felt it was best after college because both would have been done fishing. Years passed after college before Franklin decided to pop the question, yet distance is still winning. Both are in two different states 16+ hours away and their love is still in motion. Franklin and April are not sure of who manifested their love connection but they are grateful for the prayers. God was in the blessing season early which allowed them the opportunity to meet sooner and love longer. Franklin and April never saw a speck of love like this at home and they can proudly say their love house sets a standard that their family, peers, and future children can admire. There is no limit because each day, hour, minute, and second they have one another, even on the worst day, they love more and more and they look forward to you being there to witness their union. 


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