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Brittany & Chadrick

We are thrilled to begin our future together and hope you will join us in celebrating. You will find a place to RSVP, event details, registry information, and more on this site. Scroll down to read our story!


This love story started on August 31, 2013, when I would watch college football on Saturdays with my mom. Our team was and still is the one and only Georgia Bulldogs. Chad's team was also the Georgia Bulldogs. Well, on this particular Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs were getting ready to play the Clemson Tigers. Chad made a tweet from his Twitter account saying, "My Dawgs gone beat Clemson," and it was retweeted onto my Twitter feed by a mutual follower of both of us. I then saw the tweet on my feed and retweeted it.

Chad then followed me on Twitter and asked me to follow him back. Just a few days after, we began to tweet each other all the time and talk for hours. Our friends would make fun of us for talking so much on the feed. Eventually, he got my phone number from my cousin, who is my Maid of Honor, and I tried to prank call him on the phone, and the tweeting then turned into texting, and we began to text every day from sunup to sundown. Fast forward to early February 2014, Chad and I started to express our feelings for one another. After months of talking and building our friendship, we both began to like each other. By February 22, 2014, we officially started dating after Chad asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for one whole month before we even saw each other in person because although we both were from Valdosta, Georgia, I lived in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our first date was March 2014 when he asked me to go to the carnival in Valdosta, Georgia. Eight years later, we have grown as one and haven't left each other's side since. We went from teenagers to adults making memories together and figured we'd make this thing official. On July 10, 2021, Chad proposed to me at dinner with immediate family, and I said "yes." We are so excited and looking forward to starting this new chapter together and sharing our special day with all of our favorite people.

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