JULY 25TH 2020

From Ziyadah

I get asked all the time how I met the love of my life, well, here it goes…


They say that childhood love is temporary but ours has lasted, and will for a lifetime. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was the newbie 8th grader at Lanier County Middle School.  I admit at first I wasn’t really interested, but he started to play hard to get and in the mist my feelings grew. One day at school, I passed him a note and he responded. He ended up walking me home and the rest is history.


Fast forward to 2019….


I decided to do something special for his birthday and planned a weekend out of town. The last night of his birthday weekend he planned a dinner. While waiting to be seated, we decided to head to the lake behind the restaurant. In mid conversation he tells me that he had to get something out of the car and naturally I start fussing, saying “you are not about to leave me out here by myself.” I know what you’re thinking…of course, I waited by the lake, by myself looking silly. He calls me, and I end up walking in the restaurant and as I am putting the phone away I see the waitress. She comes out with a bottle of champagne and a plate with a ring box on top. At this point I know what is going on but my feelings are everywhere. I mean he left me at the lake. I hear Chavartae say “ I can’t live another day without you.” I see him get on one knee and he pops the question, “would you marry me?” I say “yes” as tears roll down my face. It felt like I was in a movie, people were clapping and cheering. I have waited a long time for this special moment and I couldn’t believe it was happening. The effort he put into this special moment was everything, to capture the moment he even hired a photographer. Yes HE did. The trip was suppose to be about him and but he made it about us. I knew we were always meant to be since the day he walked me home. So in July we make it official, our unity becomes a marriage. Thankful!

From Chavartae

 Well, where do I begin to start? Looking back at the past is what makes this moment so special for me. I remember just as if it were yesterday being in the ninth grade looking through the classroom window and seeing her for the very first time. At that time I did not think that I was looking at my best friend, mother of my children and future wife. Once I was given the opportunity to spend time and get to know her, I instantly knew  that our bond was much more than the ordinary high school relationship. I was truly living the moment enjoying her beauty, love and caring presence. However this was a moment where I was without true initiative or motivation for the future because of our age, however that would quickly change. My junior year we had a motivational speaker come to the auditorium to speak to the students to motivate us about the journey of life. He gave a lot of beneficial information throughout his presentation, but it was one statistic that he stated that stuck with me until this very day. He state "For all of you that have a high school sweetheart, the chance of you being with them and marrying outside of high school is less than ten percent." At that moment I realized that there was a better chance of me losing my everything than there was of actually having a future with the person that meant the world to me. Fast forward to May 18, 2019... My Birthday! I proposed to my high school sweetheart and will be marrying her July 25, 2020. She asks me why did I decide to do this on my birthday when it was supposed to be about me. I just laugh because there was nothing that could have satisfied me more than making her mine forever. If i had the opportunity to meet the motivational speaker again, I would say thank you for motivating me to beat the odds!