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Jasmine, Maid of Honor

Necha and I met in high school about 25 years ago. Just young girls trying to figure out life and love, we’d form an unbreakable bond. We’ve supported each other through every tragedy trial and triumph.  Sisters forever is what we became.  As I look at you today, my heart is so full of excitement and joy. To be happy was always the goal and you knocked it out of the park. I’m so proud of you.  I’m honored to be able to stand with you on your wedding day.  You and Chuck set a fine example of what it looks like to love someone from the inside out. You make each other better and it shows. Chuck I’m happy to call you my brother and thank you for loving my sister the way you do. She deserves it! 

Finally, always remember, 

1 Corinthians 13:1

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. 

I wish you both eternal and unwavering love.  

Love, MiMi

Tesa, Matron of Honor

Necha and I met 3 years ago while pledging for The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. It was at that time that we created an unbreakable bond and she has continually been a joy to my life! 

Understand that who you were when the two of you met, you won’t be in 1,2, or 5 years because you two are forever growing. Accept change and  always keep God at the forefront of your marriage. 

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

Nicole, Matron of Honor

I met Necha while pledging for the baddest sorority in the land Delta Sigma Theta. That moment strengthened our bond and we became sisters. 


Be on the same team, continue to date, and stay on your honeymoon. Ephesians 4:32: Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. 

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Renisha, Bridesmaid

I am a hard working and outgoing person who enjoys seizing every moment of every day. I had the pleasure of meeting Necha - my fellow Taurus sister- a little over a year ago through mutual friends and she has become my personal therapist, my motivator, and sister and I truly cherish her in my life. 

"Special message to the Conners" 
I'm wishing you guys many years of happiness as you bring your lives together and pray that together will always be your favorite place to be. 

Kalita, Bridesmaid

We met in high school via mutual friends, through those friends we met outside of school and a bond was formed instantly! We’ve shared so many of life’s ups and downs that there’s no way that I can’t call Necha My Friend! She’s always been genuine and true to me and I’m so happy that she’s found the love that she desires and deserves! Love you boo and Congratulations!

Annette, Bridesmaid

Dr. Williams and I met eight years ago while attending a mutual friend's dissertation defense.  We clicked, started getting money together, and have been in the game ever since (and have had a ton of fun in between).  


Success can follow love or love can follow success.  Either way, it’s truly a blessing when God provides you a full life.  I pray the Conners experience the fullness God truly brings when He’s included!  

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Maya, Bridesmaid

Necha came into my life when I just 6 years old. Being close friends with my sister, we’d spend time together and before I knew it I’d inherited another big sister!  As I got older we became closer and closer until we’d built a bond of our own.  You’ve inspired and motivated me to follow my dreams and never give up!  I love you for that and so much more. 

I pray that you and Chuck spend the rest of forever together in love and happiness. You deserve all the love he gives. I could not be happier for you both

Natalie, Bridesmaid

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Rodney, Best Man

I met Charles in 2014 during my transition from Jackson, MS to Fayetteville, NC. I was just named Director of Bands at Fayetteville State University and was a stranger to this foreign land. As I was introducing myself to the local band directors who were fraternity brothers (ΑΦΑ and ΚΚΨ), I asked if anyone had space for me to lay my head while I searched for a place to live. Being the natural good-hearted person he is, Charles and Evelyn opened their home to me. From that day forth, Charles and I have been joint at the hip as best buds.

Clyde, Man of Honor

How did we meet, and how long have we known each other?

Chuck and I have been friends for over twenty years. We met my 10th-grade year after I enrolled at Westover High School. While Chuck was one year ahead of me, we instantly developed a friendship through our love for music, the marching band, and sports. Our families grew extraordinarily close through these experiences, and his parents became affectionately referred to by my siblings and I as Uncle Dan and Aunt Anna. Chuck's parents' love and admiration for one another set the foundation for the man he would become. Like how Chuck caters to his beloved daughter (who is his pride and joy) and future wife, I can recall that example displayed early on by his dad.  From then to now, Chuck has been the type of person who strives for the highest in everything he does. Chuck possesses the uncanny ability to connect with people with relative ease. He is humble, kind, and willing to go the extra mile for anyone he meets.

After Chuck graduated from high school, he went off to Fayetteville State University. I remember him driving across town to pick me up to attend basketball games and hang out. When I graduated from high school, Chuck transferred to NC A&T State University. The two of us completed our crab year together in the Blue and Gold Marching Machine and had an absolute blast. In the Spring of 2002, we pledged the Iota Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, and this experience would expand our bond forever. 


Over the years, I have come to learn that Chuck has a passion for serving. He loves young people and strives daily to pull the best out of everyone he is around. I have truly enjoyed our friendship and look forward to it evolving in this new chapter of his life. I am excited to stand by him on his special day, just as he stood by mine twelve years ago. 

Special message:

Chuck, marriage is fantastic! I am so glad you have found someone you can call your soulmate. While it is not always easy, remember communication is the key. Life is about creating memories and moments your family can savor for years to come. You and Necha deciding to become one is super special. I cherish the idea of a blended family more than anything, having gained two brothers and a sister myself. No day is the same, and the bond we have built will stand the test of time. You have the responsibility to pour into Prince Ahmir and continue to push him to become the awe-inspiring scholar I predict he will become. At the same time, remember to allow Necha to serve as a role model to Princess Evelyn. I believe her "go-get-it" mentality and nurturing persona will act as a beacon of light for Evelyn to follow.


All in all, the joy of figuring out each day together will keep the marriage fun, energetic, and adventurous. Keep God first and allow his protection to keep you and your family covered.

Charles, Best Man

Chuck and I met through our mutual interests in music. We were members of rival high school bands. Destined from day one to be pitted on opposing forces. Fortunately for us, that is what brought us together, brothers in the bondage of music. Our allegiance to our school, and loyalty to our band would prove to be the common thread that we could relate to. Thank god that this bond would prove to be one that only grew stronger with time.

William, Groomsman

Chuck and I met as strangers who both aspired to join the greatest fraternity in the world... Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. I didn’t think we would click instantly because I can be... difficult to get along with. Charles didn’t care. We embraced one another immediately. Since then, we have spent holidays together with my family. He’s actually maybe the only person in the fraternity I HAVEN’T argued with. Meeting “Chuck”, as I have come to so fondly know him has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only is he my Frat brother, line brother, and dear friend... Chuck is my family.

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Brian, Groomsman

Charles and I met as interested candidates of the Mighty Iota Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, Inc. in the Spring of 2002.  At that moment we started bonding as we were right beside each other for the rest of the semester with me being the number four and him being the number five.  We were pretty much inseparable for the remaining of our band days at North Carolina A&T State University.  Even after graduation, we have been there for one another through all the ups and downs of both of our lives and we continue to push each other to strive for the highest!


Special message for the Conners:


As time keeps on ticking, keep on pushing!  Anything can be resolved if you continue to communicate and protect one another in your king and queen mode at all times.

Christopher, Groomsman

I met Brother Conner back in 2002 at North Carolina A&T while we were both members of the Trombone section. I can remember Chuck being a very outgoing member of the band who would always help those around them with anything they needed. He and I developed a friendship very quickly and by 2004 you would rarely see me without seeing Chuck and a few of the other band guys. The person who I met is still the person I know to this day. Chuck is a genuine individual who would give you the shirt off his back no questions asked.

As adults, Charles as I have maintained a wonderful friendship. We have both led successful careers as band directors and often collaborated and competed against one another while he was in North Carolina. His band was one of the best in the state during that time and his success definitely pushed me to improve my own program and craft. Chuck was one of my best men during my wedding and I am extremely honored to be able to return the favor. Brother Conner has always been someone I could count on to have my back and provide advice and guidance both professionally and personally.

I am so happy for my brother and the soon-to-be Lanecha Conner. She is getting one of the best men I know and can not wait to see what God has in store for their lives. I hope to have many more years of friendship with the Conners and wish them nothing but success and joy for the future.


Love you Brother Conner! 

Donovan, Groomsman

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles back in late 2013 before we took our journey into the House of Alpha in Spring 2014. Over those months I got to know Charles, just as I did my other LBs, on levels way deeper than just friendship. We became Brothers.

That bond still holds true till this day. I am more than elated to share this moment with him and the future Mrs. Conner!

To My TRE, from your Phive!

Kenneth, Groomsman

I met Conner in Fayetteville, NC during our time as initiates seeking membership into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc in the Winter of 2013/14. The details are sketchy but we both can say, "It was an Ice Cold Tuesday"! Conner has been family since day 1! I have so much love for him and his daughter and took to them instantly. It has been nothing but a positive journey through life with Conner. We both push and motivate each other in our respective fields, him with band and me with football! I count my blessings for having such a friend who also stands as a testament of a hard-working man and loving father!

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Shamar, Groomsman

I knew of Chuck in 07-08 from being in the music program at FSU. He was older and played with the band. It wasn’t until late 2013 when our bond as brothers began. Conner is caring, magnanimous, and very supportive. I grew to know that if he says he has your back, you can bet on him to be there in the fell clutch of circumstance.


We also connected on a musical level as he is proficient on several instruments whereas; I just sing and play keys and organ a little bit. Along with being a maestro; he also shapes his world around my niece. His dedication to fatherhood has been an extremely admirable journey to watch. One day I hope to be at least half the man he is and is becoming. 


Much love to you Conner, “Chuck” my Tr3 & cheers!!!

Ahmir, Escort of the Bride/Jr. Groomsman

Evelyn, Flower Girl

Ryan, Ring Bearer