A N D R E L   &   B E N J A M I N  


We are thrilled to begin our future together, and hope you will join us in celebrating. On this site you will find a place to RSVP, event details, registry information and more. To read our story... scroll down below! 


Jasmyne’s Side

Garrett and I met in November of 2015 while working at Starbucks in Tifton, GA. While walking into work, Garrett held the door for me. At the time I was in a bad mood from a previous argument and ignored him and walked straight through. He instantly asked “Dang! You can’t say thank you?” I turned around, said thank you and continued to walk to the back. During the shift, he kept looking at me and talking to his friends about me, but I ignored it. When I got off he was outside talking to some co-workers and asked for my number. I told him to add me on SnapChat and he did. We talked through SnapChat for a few weeks when he jokingly asked me to bring him lunch to his other job, Harley Davidson. Little did he know, I would have him his lunch in less than 30 minutes… From that moment we talked, laughed, became friends and grew closer each day. We told one another our deepest secrets. We looked out for one another (even through rumors, bashing, hospital visits and the flu), we never left each other’s side. We became best friends and were inseparable within months. We were alike, yet so different in many ways- giving one another balance. Now here we are, 4 years and 2 children later… till death do us part…

Garrett’s Side

Before I even met Jasmyne, my friends Derrick and Jonay were telling me that a new girl was starting at Starbucks and that they wanted me to talk to her. I wasn’t really going for it UNTIL I saw her. We were both headed into work and I held the door for her, but she kept walking and didn’t say thank you. Me being me I said ,“Dang! You can't say thank you?” She said thank you rudely, but I knew from that moment I had to have her. She tried to play me to the left the whole shift, but I kept catching her looking at me. She was on me like white on rice!!! I was talking to a friend outside on break when she was getting off. I asked for her number as she walked by, but instead of giving me her number, she told me to add her on Snapchat and I did. We snapped for a couple of weeks. She had good conversation and was very chill. One day I jokingly asked her to bring me lunch and surprisingly she did. She brung the food and put it on my desk without me knowing. I chased her outside, told her thank you and that I was surprised because I wasn’t serious. After that we finally exchanged numbers and started hanging out. The real test came when my reputation was tarnished at Starbucks by a deranged co-worker. People I was friends with for 3+ years instantly judged me without knowing the truth, making the issue a daily conversation. Jazz stuck up for me, exposed the truth within the situation and never left my side. That’s how I knew she was the one and I’ve been stuck ever since...