June 5th 2021

From Jaylyn

I get asked all the time how I met the love of my life, well, here it goes…


I always feel me and Jerin were meant to be together, especially the way we met. Rewinding back to 2011; I was a very rebellious teenager and was on punishment most of my entire 9th and 10th grade years of high school. One night my sister and mutual friends of ours were going to the movies. However, I was on punishment so I could not go. Our friends sat in the house talking for about 10 minutes then got ready to head to the movies, I asked my parents if I could go but they ended that quickly. I went to my room mad. My friend Demarcus Bartee who I call my big brother went and talked to them and convinced them to let me go. I never got dressed so fast in my life. Jerin went to see lottery ticket. This night happened to be opening night, so it was packed in his movie and people were loud, so he walked out for minute. As he was walking out, we were walking in. Him and Demarcus knew each other so they talked for bit and then he followed us to our movie. We were watching “Just Go With it”. I was in the front but somehow, I ended up last having to sit next to Jerin (they did that on purpose). He talked just about THE WHOLE movie lol and I only gave him my number to shut him up. Fast forwarding to now and I am marrying my best friend. I always say we went meant to be because my parents are head strong and when they say something, they mean it. I was not supposed to be out that night... but then I think I was right where I was supposed to be.

From Jerin

 Well, where do I begin to start? Looking back at the past is what makes this moment so special for me. It all started at the movies. I went to the movies with My Cousin Jarvis, His gf Tyra and some more of her friends. While watching the movie it was a bunch of kids making a lot of noise, so I got frustrated and walked out the movie we were watching. On my way out I run into an old friend/teammate of mine name DeMarcus Bartee. We started conversation and though the window I saw Jaylyn and her sister Myan approaching the ticket booth outside. Instantly Jaylyn caught my eyes. Literally the beautiful woman I have ever placed my eyes on. Once they entered the theatre, DeMarcus introduced them as his sisters. Once conversation got started, I ended up following her into another movie (which I did not have a ticket for) and enjoyed the movie with them. Halfway through the movie I had to meet up back up with Jarvis so we can leave so we exchanged numbers and that is when all the magic began to happen!