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We are so excited to celebrate our special day with family and friends. Kindly send your RSVP below, and keep reading for wedding day details, registry information and more.



From Nikia

The journey of our love story began. When I first met Justin 8 years ago, I knew I wanted to
spend the rest of my life with him. I was broken and not in a good place in my life at that time.
He was everything I needed and more. I never met a man that had such an enormous zeal for
God. This man would pray for me when I didn’t pray for myself. He has protected

my heart from day one and ensured that I am safe with him. Through every storm and obstacle we have faced, he has never left my side. His beautiful soul and his charming ways have brought peace to my life. I couldn’t have asked God for a better man. Because of him, I am a better woman and mother to our children. This man that God has given me has shown me the real meaning of what patience and love truly are. I am so grateful for my Knight and Shining Armor. He’s my king and my forever Superman because he has loved me for who I am. And I can’t wait to take this journey with my forever life partner .


-Mrs. Nikia Roshee Jordan.


From Justin

This amazing love story began with myself and Nikia. It seems as though we were in a fairytale
love story... I know sometimes in life it will throw you a curveball, but with her, I hit a home run.
This has been someone in my life that has always held me down from the very moment I set
eyes on her no matter what the circumstances were. We have been together for 8 years and
this love that we share will forever be pure and filled with warmth. To know how to love and to
feel real love is a very special feeling. I must say that this lady has given me the strength to care
and believed that anything in life is possible. She taught me how to love again when I couldn’t
and I trusted her with every bone in my body. She is my everything. To my strong, wonderful,
amazing black queen, I like to say today I love you now, I love you then and I vow to love you
the rest of my life. To my wife, to have a special person to share some of the most important
things in my life means the world to me. The most important things we share and have in
common are prayers, church, and family and I thank God for sending this special someone to
me. With her in my life, it has been a true blessing. God knows it hasn’t been easy, but I
wouldn’t change not one thing about our amazing love story. Because it has made us into the
people we are today. So Shee’, Kia Kia, some might say 3x but for now and forever you will
soon be Nikia Roshee’ Jordan. I will love you for a lifetime.

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