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A L E X I S   +  D O N T A V I S


We are thrilled to begin our future together and hope you will join us in celebrating. On this site, you will find a place to RSVP, event details, registry information, and more. Scroll down to view our love story. 

O U R   S T O R Y 

Dontavis and Alexis met during his senior and Alexis' sophomore year of High School. Dontavis was a football player and it just so happened that he wore Alexis’ favorite number, 8 (which also happened to be his favorite number as well). They soon became friends and realized they had many more things in common than just a number. In 2010, Dontavis graduated and went off to college. The two of them remained “somewhat” friends. In 2015, Dontavis came back to their hometown and made a surprise visit to Alexis' family house, and from there, they grew closer and decided to take their friendship to the next level. In 2017, the couple became a family and welcomed their baby girl, Miss Ava. There was no doubt that these two love birds were meant to be! In 2021, Dontavis finally popped the BIG question. Alexis was filled with emotions and excitement and SHE SAID YES! There is no doubt that Alexis is #StickingWithSapp!


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