T O C C A R A  &  A L L E N 


O U R   S T O R Y 



 Five years ago, I can remember singing in the choir at Serenity Christian Church as Ben played on the keyboards. I found joy in getting him flustered by talking instead of singing.  


For a while, I seemed to be a part of the family. I have fond memories of attending his mothers birthday party, the annual Christmas party and his brother-in-law's birthday celebration.  Even with all those encounters, Ben and I had never had a conversation outside of everyday hellos. Then a little over a year ago, as I am talking with his sister I mentioned that I was hungry. His sister encouraged him to go with me.  That 3 hour conversation in Zaxbys dining room has led to a lifetime of wanting more conversations like those.




Andrel and I have known each other from Serenity Christian Church, since at least 2014.  I was volunteered to be the churches’ musician shortly after joining and met her in church.  I was dating someone at this time and Andrel and I were just fellow Serenity members as I didn’t really get to know her until she joined the choir.  We had met at several functions which revolved around Serenity but never had a real encounter of just us. I guess shortly after 2015 is when Andrel and my older sister Dee Dennison met, who was a member of Serenity too and they started a friendship.  


After this time is when I started noticing Andrel more. She left for another job teaching in Atlanta and Baked me cupcakes. Yes that was an attention getter for me. She then returned from Atlanta I guess a year later and then I noticed her more because my Sister invited her to a lot of our family functions. Later I found out this was planned out by Dee as she wanted Andrel and I to talk and get to know one another outside of Church.  I was now single and we did get to know each other more. Andrel would volunteer to work at my store and that is where it all went RIGHT. Fast forward to 2019.  Andrel was heading home one evening after stopping by to chat with Dee at our store. Andrel stated she was hungry and needed to eat, so my sister stated outloud, I should go with her. I asked if I could and we went to Zaxbys. The rest is history.