October 22, 2022

We are so excited to celebrate our special day with family and friends. Kindly send your RSVP, and keep reading for wedding day details, registry information and more.


-From TJ


Our love story goes all the way back to high school. In high school, I had this thing for Kenya, but she absolutely couldn’t stand me and wanted nothing to do with me believe it or not (LoL). She said it was because I used to tease her about her beautiful dark skin color, but the reality was that was one of my favorite characteristics about her. I loved it! She never gave me the chance I wanted because I was going about it the wrong way. We eventually ended up going our separate ways, she joined the Navy and I went into the Army.  We would sometimes see each other over the holidays or in passing while at home or maybe a text occasionally, with me initiating of course.


I’m not sure what changed, but this particular time we were home for Christmas, I gave her a ride home, and we talked for hours afterward. It


was something about that night that sparked something between us. Since then we haven’t missed a beat. In December 2020, while on a trip to the mountains, I FINALLY popped the question and she said YES! I feel our love was meant to be because this woman couldn’t stand to even be in the same room with me and now she’ll do anything for me and that’s nothing but GOD. I’m so grateful and appreciative of her. She didn’t know it but she was always going to be mine, God just had to prepare the both of us for each other.

I love you baby!