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MARCH 25TH 2023

We are so excited to celebrate our special day with family and friends. Kindly send your RSVP, and keep reading for wedding day details, registry information and more.


Our love story begins back in May 2015. I (Alexisia) am from Valdosta, Georgia and Damian are from Homerville, Georgia. We crossed paths while I was working at the movies in Valdosta. Damian came to see a movie and was amazed once he saw my smile. He was very shy at first, but eventually made a move to provide his number on a napkin. After our first encounter at the movies, we began going on dates and communicating a lot frequently. Eventually, it led to us really liking each other more and wanting to meet each other's families. As our relationship grew we became really close with each other's families and our families grew to love us and one another. This led to many family vacations and great memories throughout the years. We ended up having three beautiful kids together expanding our family even more. Now we have relocated together staying in Phenix City, Alabama with our kids making more beautiful memories as each day progresses. After celebrating all the amazing years with one another one day while celebrating our baby girl's birthday Damian proposed to me and decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me making more wonderful memories with one another along with our children. That probably will always be one of the best days of our lives. We look forward to sharing our wonderful celebration of getting married with everyone creating more amazing memories. I’m not sure what changed, but this particular time we were home for Christmas, I gave her a ride home, and we talked for hours afterward. It was something about that night that sparked something between us. Since then we haven’t missed a beat. In December 2020, while on a trip to the mountains, I FINALLY popped the question and she said YES! I feel our love was meant to be because this woman couldn’t stand to even be in the same room with me and now she’ll do anything for me and that’s nothing but GOD. I’m so grateful and appreciative of her. She didn’t know it but she was always going to be mine, God just had to prepare the both of us for each other.

I love you baby!




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