T E R R Y   +  T E R R E N C E


We are thrilled to begin our future together and hope you will join us in celebrating. On this site, you will find a place to RSVP, event details, registry information, and more. Scroll down to view our love story. 

O U R   S T O R Y 

We met in 1993 and realized that opposites attract. We came from two different worlds with different outlooks on life but our futures were destined for greatness. We were married in 2001 with our hearts committed to raising our family. As time went on, our careers became our first love and we began to drift apart. We divorced in 2012 but vowed together or apart we would always remain friends.


During our time apart, our friendship and co-parenting was our top priority. We were able to date other people, reflect on what failed in our relationship, and eventually worked our way back into each other’s lives. 


True love is both rare and real. We are happy that we have reunited…back together again…until death do us part.