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JULY 29TH 2023

We are so excited to celebrate our special day with family and friends. Kindly send your RSVP below, and keep reading for wedding day details, registry information and more.


Rodney & Dorishay started their relationship as classmates & friends at Valdosta State University.

They began dating the fall before their junior year of college & shared their first kiss while sharing stories about their upbringing. Before heading back to school, Rodney asked Dorishay to drive to Atlanta to visit him & his family in Atlanta, which she agreed.

While visiting the Neely family, Rodney asked Dora to be his girlfriend to which she replied, “Of course, I’ll be your girlfriend”. The two were officially dating and have been together since January 1st of 2017.​​Although there were challenges along the way, the two persevered & stayed the course.

 They’ve continued to share & create memories together over the years.

Nonetheless, Rodney made the decision to propose to Dorishay on January 1st 2022. They now live in Valdosta, GA with hopes of relocating to Atlanta, GA to focus more on creating their own happiness.

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